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timeperfectionFormulated to combat skin ageing for women over 40 Time Perfection tablets by Imedeen work from within unlike traditional anti-ageing creams. Studies show than after 12 weeks of daily use collagen density in the dermal layer will increase by and average of 30% reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve your skin’s moisture balance resulting in younger looking skin.

But does it work in the real world? What to real users think of these anti-ageing supplements and do they live up to Imedeen’s claims. Her we have a growing number of Imedeen Time Perfection Reviews submitted by real users of the product.

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 5 reviews
by zen on a
waste of time and money

I have used these tablets for 6 months and notice no difference what so ever. I am stopping them now as they are too expensive and do not work. Cost: around £150, benefit? Zero.

by lyn on a
my review

I have been using Imedeen for over 14 years. I try to always keep my eye out for other (cheaper) products which may do the same thing and having tried a few of them I was always disappointed. I think that these tablets are a great investment as you will enjoy there benefits for the rest of you life. As an added benefit they are great for the health of your hair and nails. In fact I think there is another fairly expensive hair loss tablets for women called Viviscal which has very similar ingredients. So you are really getting twice the benefit.

by jellyele on a
Very good

I used Derma One for 4 years before switching to Time Perfection. A friend encouraged my to start using Imedeen tablets 6 years ago and I am glad they did. I have had friends, work colleges and strangers remark on how good my skin looks but the most important thing for me, and the reason I started taking them in the first place, is their healing effect. I had a number of scars from recent surgery and other picked up in my teens. Since taking the tablets the scars have become almost invisible even the really old ones.

by MissPoppy on a

I took it a while back for a few years and yes it improved skin quality, reduced fine lines and such but it is far to expensive so I stopped. Would be great if they would reduce the price of there was a cheaper (unbranded) alternative. If it was around half the price I would start using them again

by emma71 on a

While talking to a friend of a friend who had fantastic skin for here age (48) I asked here if she had any work done on here face such as chemical peel or laser she said that she had been taking these tablets for about 2 years - I had never heard of them before. After a little research online - generally good reviews, no side effects etc. I decided to order 3 packs. I have now been taking them for 3 month and my skin feels more hydrated and is noticeably more supple and it is not just my face. My entire body has improved. I think I'm going to take these forever! Highly recommended.