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primerenewal-160wClinical trials conducted on the Prime Renewal tablets by Imedeen suggest that they are very effective at maintaining skin elasticity in women over 50, far more that traditional anti-ageing creams. Buy what real people think of it? Does it live up to it’s claims in the real world. Here we collect and publish user reviews so that those who have used the tablets can tell other potential buyers what they think of them. If you use or have used these tablets tell us what you think of them by submitting a review below.

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 4 reviews
by ellie on a

I have been using Imedeen tablets since I turned 50 and now I am 60. I think it is partly down to these tablets that people who don't know make age think I am much younger and those who do know may age often comment that I look great for for my age. It is expensive - I should know after using it for 10 years - but entirely worth it in my opinion. There are offers now and then when you can order a load of them in bulk.

by samsma2 on a
Brilliant but expensive

I does what it says on the box but I am taking off one star because they are so damned expensive - seriously my sky subscription is cheaper than these. However having said that they do work - I am pretty sure. I have only taken them for a couple of years but (apparently) I do look a lot younger than my age. There are no side effects - just great looking skin and being a little poorer.

by taraC on a

Have used these and the time perfection tablets before them for many years and my skin is really soft and smooth. I really think that these have made a difference and taken many years off how old I look.

by shoppinqueen on a

I took these tablets for 3 months but notices absolutely no difference what so ever to the look of feel of my skin. I will probably continue for another 3 months to make sure. If there is no improvement then I will switch to Perfectil because at least that doubles up as a vitamin too. Imedeen is not on it own with this. I have used many "skincare" products in the past and none of then has show any significant promise.