Imedeen Prime Renewal

pr-400wPrime Renewal by Imedeen is the newest and most exciting anti-ageing product for women over 50 so far this decade. When women reach menopause, the first sign of this difficult ageing process is the features of the skin. Skin loses its elasticity, wrinkles up and begins to look dry. Even in women just beginning menopause this is a common feature which leaves you looking much older than you actually are.

There are many anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing formulas in the market. Each of them promising to bring back the youthful face, but few are actually as effective as Imedeen.

This product has come to the market after extensive research on what causes changes in the skin during menopause, and also some of the challenges experienced by women using products currently in the market.

More Effective Than Traditional Anti-Ageing Creams

prime-renewal-scientificTraditional anti-ageing products focus more on the surface of your skin. They are designed to smooth wrinkles on the surface only. They do not go any deeper, and this is why results are less than sustainable. Over time, the effects even with continued use of the creams and lotions begins to lessen and your skin loses its elasticity completely.

Imedeen Prime Renewal on the other hand is designed to go much deeper to the layers below the surface. This means that the effects are able to last much longer, even when your skin is exposed to harsh sunlight and other elements.

Working internally, the formula is able to fight ageing symptoms from within, giving your skin a much more natural and younger look.

How Does It Work?

These tablets work from within to help improve collagen formation and moisture content balance. Hormones and continued exposure to various harsh elements make your skin dry and flaky in appearance. This makes the ageing wrinkle lines seem much deeper than they are. The product is designed to improve the natural production of moisture on the kin making it not just younger but much more supple than it normally is. In addition to increased moisture content, the skin is also healthy enough to handle the daily stress brought on by exposure.

Traditional anti-ageing formulas fail to take into consideration exposure of the skin to harsh elements. This means that when exposed to harsh sunlight for example, the effects of the various formulas diminish greatly. Imedeen on the other hand is specially formulated to handle stress even that which is brought on by oxidation. Even when continually exposed, the results continue to be very much impressive.

pr-scan1Another failure of normal traditional skincare for anti-ageing is that the products do not allow for the formation of natural collagen. The result is that the facial muscles tend to collapse gaining an unnatural look to the users. Imedeen specializes in building and generating new collagen which strengthens the facial muscles allowing the users to maintain a natural look. The product comes highly recommended by average women as well as women in the public eye who are often critiqued for their looks. Surprisingly, Imedeen Prime Renewal is quite affordable and easy to use with very little side effects.

Taking Imedeen Prime Renewal Tablets on a daily basis will:

  • Increase collagen formation.
  • Maintain the firmness of your skin.
  • Reduce the effect of oxidative stress on your cells.
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Smooth your skin making it more supple and softer.
  • Improve the moisture balance.

Usage Directions

To benefit fully from these supplements it is recommended that you take 2 tablets twice a day (4 per day). You can take all 4 at once if you prefer. You should notice result in 12-24 week of daily use.


The active ingredients in one tablet include:


A patented protection formulation which includes vitamins C and E, tomato, white tea and grape seed extract.

Marine Complex

A unique and naturally sourced polysaccharide and protein complex featured in all of the Imedeen skincare tablets. It contains many of the elements found in healthy skin.

Vitamin C

Improves natural formation of collagen and help protect cells from oxidative stress.

Vitamin E

Reduces oxidative stress of cells.


Like vitamins C and E zinc protects your skin cells from oxidative stress. It also contributes to normal synthesis of DNA and help with normal cell division.




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