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imedeen-derma_220hThe Derma One Tablets by Imedeen have been formulated to reduce the signs of ageing for women aged 30 years and over by working deep within the skin (the dermal layer). Studies have show that they improve skin density and moisture balance making it look feel smother, softer and more supple. But do they work? What do real users of these tablets think of them, find out below.

Have you used these tablets? What did you think of them? If you wish to share your thoughts on these skincare supplements (good or bad) please write a review below.

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by CE on a
my review

My mum took them and recommended them to me. I now have a daughter in her late 20s and she has started taking them to. We all experienced improvements to our skin. We all look younger them we are (so we are told). We have smoother skin, fewer wrinkles.

Imedeen has been around for many years (my mum took it) but I think is one of if not the best beauty product on the market today and one of only a few which actually do what the claim to do.

by MartlN on a
Derma One

I suffer from combination skin so it is either to dry or too oily. Because of this the regular creams and ointments which other may use don't work on me. I tried Imedeen Derma One tablets after being recommended them by a friend and no I am hooked.

I have been taking them for 6 months and my skin is much softer tan before. The dry patched I had before have gone. I had a rash on my back which I had never been able to get rid of before has all but disappeared - I'm hoping I will go altogether soon. I have far fewer spots on my face also.

The improvements were gradual - I first noticed them about 5 or 6 weeks in and even in month 6 my skin is still improving. My makeup use has reduced considerably as my complexion is much better I don't have to use nearly as much. There is one negative though which is the price - why does it have to be so expensive? Having said that it is far more cost effective than a lot of those premium priced creams. I cannot recommend these tablets highly enough.

by beckyUK on a

I ordered three packets of these (3 months worth) and have been taking them as recommended every day. I am now on my last pack and I don't think I will buy any more as I am not seeing and change. I do realise that it says noticeable results in 12-24 weeks (and I'm on about week 10) so theoretically I should not be seeing anything yet but these tablets are quite expensive and I don't think I can afford to take it all the way to 24 weeks without knowing whether they will work.

You are right in saying that 10 weeks is not really long enough to judge. We would recommend that you continue until 24 weeks although we do understand that the price of these tablets is a common issue.

by lisa on a

I'm not sure if these are making a difference or not. I already look quite young for my age (38) but I also use a lot of other rather expensive skincare products and to be honest I don't know of they are making any difference either.