Imedeen Derma One

dermaone-400wThe Derma One supplements by Imedeen have been developed to combat the first signs of ageing skin for women in their 30’s by protecting the dermal layer deep within your skin. The dermal layer is where the skin ageing process begins and can not be reached by simple moisturising creams.

Suppress The Signs Of Ageing

Ageing is an inevitable phenomenon that has become a matter of huge concern nowadays not only in middle aged men and women but also in men and women in mid or early thirties.

It is suggested that the busy, stressful routines, less healthy food consumed and lack of adequate physical exercise may be among the major causes for the onset of symptoms of ageing at an earlier age. Although ageing cannot be completely avoided, now people have become capable of suppressing the occurrence of signs of ageing on the skin to some extent in a healthy manner with the use of reputed skincare brands such as Imedeen Derma one.

What Do These Supplements Do?

Imedeen is a brand of skincare tablets that can restore youthful appearance, prevent ageing symptoms from being shown up and help maintain a healthy texture of skin with the correct proportions of moisture. These tablets contain many significant ingredients among which are nutrients that boost the production of essential proteins that can support the rigid network of collagen in the dermal layers, non- protein inorganic elements that can trigger proper growth of skin cells and vitamins that can maintain healthy radiant skin with no wrinkles.

The ingredients are capable of penetrating into deeper layers rejuvenating your skin whereas conventional moisturising creams can affect the only the outermost layers and bring about a short-lived outcome.

Long term positive effects to your skin include:

  • Improved quality.
  • Properly maintained moisture balance.
  • An unmistakable radiant glow.
  • A smoother texture.
  • Your skin will become softer in comparison.

These tablets can decelerate the process of ageing and bring about a new radiance to the skin. You can read or submit reviews of these tablets here.


Amongst the healthy constituents of the tablets are the Marine complex, vitamin C and zinc which will strengthen the collagen production of the skin, prevent wrinkle formation and protect the delicate cells from damage caused by oxidative stress.

Marine Complex

This compound which contains combination of specific polysaccharides and proteins denote a composition similar to the natural composition of the skin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C found in fresh fruits and vegetables naturally is another important ingredient which can protect the skin cells from oxidative stress and strengthen the supporting network of collagen underneath the superficial layers of the skin. Moreover the production rate of healthy collagen fibres will be accelerated by the action of Vitamin C also known as Ascorbic acid extracted inside highly hygienic environments from natural means .


Zinc is another prominent ingredient that forms the composition of these supplements and it acts as a co-factor in a number of significant enzyme-catalysed reactions taking place deep down the skin including the process of DNA synthesis, cell division etc. Zinc can also prevent damage to the cells caused by oxidative stress while contributing to the maintenance of healthy radiant skin. These major components will provide a highly rewarding positive composite aftermath.

dermascan1Clinical Trials

The benefits of Imedeen Derma One supplements have been confirmed a number of time through scientific studies (there have been at least 4 conducted on these tablets to date). The studies have shown that daily use improves the dermal density significantly as well as improving the moisture balance, radiance and suppleness of your skin.

How can they measure such things? By using an ultra sound scan like the one  to the right which shows the effect of taking the tablets in a twelve month study. The coloured dots are the collagen and elastin, these are elements which naturally decreases as we age. Notice also that the black line at the top of the scans increases in thickness signifying an improvement in the structure of the epidermis (the part of the skin we can see)


How Often Do I Take Them?

To gain the maximum results, the tablets should be consumed daily two tablets per day.You should notice improvements within 12-24 weeks of daily use.


  • Keep out of sight and reach of children.
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should speak to their doctor before taking Derma One Tablets
  • Allergy Advice: contains fish

Buying Advice

Visit this page for up to date online price comparisons.

  • The lowest price for Derma One tablets can currently be found at @ £47.80 for 120 tablets with free delivery (39.8 p per tab).
  • Alternative stores selling at similar prices include and Chemist Direct. After that the prices rise quite steeply.
  • Avoid buying the smaller 60 tab (1 month) packs as these represent bad value for money and would allow you far too short a term to make any difference.
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