Frequently Asked Questions

faqsWho can enjoy the benefits of using Imedeen?

Anyone with the desire and urge of nourishing, keeping and maintaining the natural beauty of their skin appearances can greatly benefit from using these skincare tablets. Many people are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of keeping their skin healthy and the Imedeen tablets are designed to guarantee such results and achievements.

Derma One, Time Perfection & Prime Renewal, How do I find the right one for my skincare?

There are many, different types that have different therapeutic functions and to help you get to the right type, you will have to take the lifestyle skin assessment survey so as to determine which tablets will be favourable and beneficial to you.

How long should I take them? Am I going to have to take them for the rest of my life?

In many respects these products are no different from any of your daily skincare routine program and you can use them everyday as part of your everyday skincare regimen. The length will be entirely up to you as long as you have access the product.

Are they safe for use?

Many comprehensive and thorough studies have been performed on these products and the results are very impressive. They have no side effects or complications to the users, however, some of the high critical group of people should get their doctors confirmation before using these tablets so as to avoid any complications whatsoever. Examples of such individuals include the pregnant and lactating women.

What should I expect if I stop using them?

It is advisable to keep on using Imedeen so as to ensure that the amazing results that you will have obtained remain and never fade away. The same way your skin condition improved after using these tablets, the opposite results will happen if you discontinue their usage.

  • You will lose all the benefits that came as a result of the supplements, even though it will not happen overnight.
  • The rate at which one loses the nourishing benefits varies from person to person and for some, it might be in a short while others it might take several months up to six.

How intense are the benefits? Are the benefits localized or pronounced?

Studies on have shown that almost all of the women that were using Imedeen experienced some positive effects on all of their body and not just some isolated parts of the skin. Skin on the hands and that of the upper chest region were found to have produced the most positive and impressive results.

What if my skin is oily, will Imedeen still be helpful?

Well, at the moment, there is no documented evidence and proof related to the effects on oily skin and so this cannot be ascertained as per now.

Does it help in protecting against sunburn?

These products should not be confused, mistaken or used as a sun protector at any given time. You should go for your normal or prescribed sun protector as an addition to the Imedeen skincare tablets which is part of your day to day regimen or program.

Can I take it with food? Can I take it with my other normal food supplements?

Yes, as part of their recommendation, you should take these tablets with food, but is not however, a must as they can still be taken without any food. These tablets have been fortified with natural ingredients only and therefore, will have no interactions or complications whatsoever, when used concurre3ntly with your daily vitamin and natural supplements.

What should I do if I miss on my dosage?

Don’t worry at all, if you miss tow or even three tablets, you should just continue following your recommended dosage without any changes. You should try as much as you can to ensure that you always take these pills together with your other beauty products so that you will always remember to take them.

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